About Us

What We Do

We are an inclusive and outward looking church passionate about individual and community transformation. We meet all together every week on a Sunday, but we also meet in smaller groups and deliver community projects during the week.

What We Believe

The love of God is inclusive, incarnational and calls us to welcome everyone. This gives us a deep sense of hope that things can be transformed. We value questioning and discussion of every aspect of faith and how it applies to our lives. Find out more by clicking on 'About Us' in the top right of the screen.

Where We Are

We meet in Oasis Church Bath (formerly Hay Hill Baptist Church) on the Paragon in Bath, just around the corner from the cafes and restaurants of George Street at the northerly edge of the city centre.

For more information about us, read our story: here

who we are


Oasis is a movement of volunteers, activists and professionals that works in 36 communities across the UK.  Through our integrated ‘community hub model’, we seek to create a new sense of neighbourhood in communities that had previously been forgotten by society.  We believe that when a community comes together, everyone, regardless of their background and starting point can reach their God-given potential.
Oasis is a global family which collectively works around the world delivering a range of projects and services that help tackle social injustice in whatever form it manifests itself. Read more on the Oasis UK website.

Podcast in the Pub is happening this Wednesday at 8pm! Every month we meet at the Cellar Bar in the Assembly Inn on Alfred Street, to listen to an inspiring podcast together.

Our Being Human series continues on Sunday as @jodolby explores the characteristics of emotional maturity. How do we ensure we can process and express what we feel in healthy, constructive, life-giving ways? Join us from 10am for drinks, the service starts at 10.30.

Was the Apostle Paul really anti-fun, anti-sex, anti-women & anti-LGBT? I don’t think so!
Join me for a Saturday exploding the myths & exploring ‘The Lost Message of Paul’:
Feb 29-Sheffield
March 28-Birmingham
April 18-MediaCity
June 6-Bath
June 20-London https://www.openchurch.network/the-lost-message-of-paul

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