About Us

What we do

We meet on Sundays with groups tailored for under 18s. We have an outward looking focus, looking to run more projects with the local community. To that end, rather than a minister, we have a Hub Leader to drive our community engagement.

What we believe

The love of God is inclusive, incarnational and calls us to welcome everyone. We have a deep sense of hope that things can be transformed. We value questioning and discussion of every aspect of faith and how it applies to our lives. Find out more by clicking on 'About Us' in the top right of the screen.

Where we are

We meet in Hay Hill Baptist Church on the Paragon in Bath, just around the corner from the cafes and restaurants of George Street at the northerly edge of the city centre.

who we are

We are a Baptist church that has joined Oasis due to a desire to do church differently and after a recognition of values that match our own. What we are aiming for is a totally integrated and well-balanced model of church that has a worshipping community at its core, is welcoming to all, and looks outward to take action. We have a close relationship with Oasis Waterloo in London, watch the YouTube video opposite to get more of an idea of the type of Hub we’re hoping to become.

We are open and inclusive, flexible, creative and willing to experiment. We are a core group of all ages and stages, ready to move into new territory and grow. We passionately believe that, just as Abraham was, so we too are called and blessed by God to be a blessing to those around us. Click here for more.

Oasis is a movement of volunteers, activists and professionals that works in 36 communities across the UK.  Through our integrated ‘community hub model’, we seek to create a new sense of neighbourhood in communities that had previously been forgotten by society.  We believe that when a community comes together, everyone, regardless of their background and starting point can reach their God-given potential.
Oasis is a global family which collectively works around the world delivering a range of projects and services that help tackle social injustice in whatever form it manifests itself. Read more on the Oasis UK website.

Honour to be with @Loving_Humanity seeing their mini sanitary towel & nappy factory that can be used by organisations to end the horrors of #periodpoverty around the world. With @Oasis_Bath @TFT_at_work


We had a very special visitor today! Brilliant to show @AntheaTurner1 around our church building and tell her about some of our hopes and dreams for the community.

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