Under 18s

Oasis Kids

At Oasis Kids we want to welcome and nurture under 11s’ creativity and curiosity in a safe, fun space that is designed just for them. Engaging with the Christian faith through activities, videos, discussions and taking action together, we aim to help kids make strong friendships and find their place in a community where questioning and critical thinking are encouraged. We want to facilitate real and practical expressions of our values through community projects, care for the environment and how we relate to others.


BE:YOND is our group for 11-18 year olds from both Oasis Church Bath and Nexus Methodist Church. It stands for;

BE: Youth
BE: Oasis
BE: Nexus
BE: Disciples

During our sessions we chat about topics and issues that impact us and the world around us, often using the bible to help us. The group is about equipping young people to be able to live out what they believe as people of faith. We alternate between each church for where we meet. We have a social event once a term, where we gather together and usually end up eating food! BE:YOND is a safe place to ask the big questions, as well as the little ones such as ‘are there dinosaurs in the Bible?’