We meet at Oasis Church Bath on Sundays in the following pattern:

  • First Sunday of the month: 4:30 informal gathering, often involving food
  • Second, Fourth (and Fifth) Sundays: 10:30 service
  • Third Sundays: 10:30 all-age service

Having done a series in the autumn of 2018 on Moses, we are currently exploring something entitled “We need to talk about…”

The premise is that we tackle some pressing issues, mainly taken from current issues in the world, and hear and discuss different viewpoints, with a desire to apply what we read in the Bible and know of God.

Sunday 17th March – *7.30pm for one week only*

We’ll be cheering on the marathon runners in the morning, and meeting together in the evening for an extended time of worship and prayer.

Sunday 24th March: We need to talk about… the gig economy

Nathan Jones from Oasis Waterloo will be our guest speaker, talking about various aspects of work and poverty. Oasis Waterloo’s food bank is helping an ever-increasing number of people, and Nath can share stories of everyday people’s struggles today as well as looking back at Biblical accounts of systemic poverty.

Sunday 31st March – Family Service: Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day and we’re excited to be joined by Dave Kingswood from Home for Good, who will be helping us reflect on the different ways we’re all called to mother others, and to support those who are parents in lots of different ways. Expect an alternative take on a traditional day, for all ages.

Sunday 7th April – Green Sunday: 4:30pm with food

Our regular environment-focussed afternoon gathering will give us a chance to talk about things we are doing in the face of unprecedented environmental crisis. And also to chat and enjoy food together.