We meet at Oasis Church Bath on Sundays in the following pattern:

  • First Sunday of the month: 4:30 informal gathering, often involving food
  • Second, Fourth (and Fifth) Sundays: 10:30 service
  • Third Sundays: 10:30 all-age service

We are currently in the middle of a series called “We need to talk about…”

The premise is that we tackle some pressing issues, mainly taken from current issues in the world, and hear and discuss different viewpoints, with a desire to apply what we read in the bible and know of God.

Sunday 5th May, 4.30pm: Green Sunday.

Our regular environment focused afternoon gathering will see us kicking off our month focus on “money” with a chance to explore the challenges of spending ethically. We normally share food together at our afternoon gatherings but please note this week we’ll only be serving drinks.

Sunday 12th May, 10.30am: We need to talk about…stewardship.

If we’re going to make wise decisions about our money, we need some firm foundations to build on. Stephen Natt will be sharing some thoughts with us on how we might better steward the resources we have to enable us to follow our consciences.

Sunday 19th May, 10.30am: All Age Service.

An all age gathering lead by Gaynor Williams which will enable us to explore part of our money focus as a whole family. Expect to be generously blessed by this time together!

Sunday 26th May, 10.30am: We need to talk about…giving.

To round off this month’s money focus, we’ll take a look at the topic of giving. How do we come to a considered and systematic approach to incorporating giving within our worship and service of God? Dave Vernalls who is a Chartered Accountant in ‘normal life’ will lead us in this exploration, and will include not just monetary giving but also other aspects like time and skills.

Sunday 2nd June, 4.30pm: Green Sunday.